Imagine a Better Way

We are all built to learn. It fuels our curiosity, inspires our imaginations, and deepens our understanding of the world around us. At TutorGen, we are dedicated to discovering a better way to learn. We are grounded in academic research – studying, forming theories, running trials, and making observations – all to improve and empower learning.

–Create a Community of Learners–

When we come together, great things can happen. We can better understand challenges and develop effective methods, ideas, products, and services that open a new world of learning. Our team is committed to creating a community of learners by participating with academic research organizations as well as participating in and leading local, national, and industry-related events, organizations, and studies.

–empower learning–

Our projects start as a single question – a vision on how we can make the way we learn easier, more effective, and more enjoyable. Our experienced team of researchers carries these visions through in-depth study and analysis to create effective, proven projects that deliver results.



Data Driven - Human Centered

SCALE (Student Centered Adaptive Learning Engine) is TutorGen's premier product and built from Dr. John Stamper's academic work, "The Hint Factory: Automatic Generation of Contextualized Help for Existing Computer Aided Instruction." Continued research and development further refined the process of developing predictive student models that create the best path of development against competency, creating SCALE. 


EmpowerING Learners 

LOGIC (Linkage Objects for Generalized Instruction in Coding) keeps students engaged and empowered with just-in-time feedback and hints. The key innovation of LOGIC system is the use of linkage objects that store the most common and effective solutions for programming problems across thousands of students. 


Understanding Learner Emotion/Attention

The D-TECT project further refines SCALE by implementing a research-proven metacognitive model into the adaptive learning engine. Through better detection of the learner's false positive, false negative, gaming, and boredom states SCALE is better able to provide the correct pathway to learners. 


PersonalizING Learning

HPIT (Hyper-Personalized Intelligent Tutoring) delivers a cost-effective framework to personalize existing educational software. The flexible architecture offers the ability to create and add plug-ins to add a degree of customization that works for developers, learners, and educators.



TutorGen collaborated with HarvardX to design and implement an adaptive learning course. Learn more about the partnership and results.
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International PARTNERSHIPS

ITS – Intelligent Tutoring Systems
EDM – Educational Data Mining
L@S – Learning at Scale
LAK – Learning Analytics and Knowledge
AIED – Artificial Intelligence in Education
Swarmfest – Swarm Development Group
CSS – Computational Social Science
CAPS – Complexity-Based Analytics and Policies for Social Good



Northern Kentucky University - College of Education and Human Services
Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services
Northern Kentucky Education Council
TriWiC – Tristate Women in Computing
OCWiC – Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing
National Center for Women and Information Technology's Aspirations in Computing


Together, we inspire learners and create a better, brighter tomorrow. Join our community as we seek, discover, and bring to life new ways to learn. 

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