A Better Way to Learn

Through both adapted content and a deep understanding of data, we empower teachers with the information they need to reach all learners. SCALE® is bringing that vision to life with the tools and resources administrators, developers, and publishers want and need.


SCALE uses machine learning to develop student models to adapt content to reduce time to learning of competencies, increase engagement, and provide a personalized learning environment for learners.


SCALE brings together data, analytics tools, and existing subject matter experts to improve content, question standards, and instruction.


Data from learners is shared in real-time with educators, helping them to quickly identify areas of concerns and provide intervention exactly where needed.


SCALE is a back-end solution that allows publishers to “skin” the data to match existing brand. Using SCALE with existing content improves efficiencies and reduces cost to create an adaptive learning system that drives better results.

–The Research is Clear–

The power of data can personalize learning. When educational software adapts to individual learners, research shows they stay engaged longer, learn more efficiently, and perform better on assessments.

More Engaged in the Content
More Efficient in Mastering Competency
Greater Knowledge Gain between Pre and Post-Tests

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