Driving Change with a
Human-Centered Approach

The SCALE® human-centered, data-driven approach is creating change in classrooms and workplaces across the country by providing a personalized and adaptive experience for learners using education software.

The SCALE engine delivers the right content at the right time, building a newfound sense of confidence and excitement in educators, administrators, and, most importantly, learners. Our cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning techniques take advantage of existing content, creating efficiencies and improving results.

Our dedicated and passionate team of experienced researchers and consultants stand behind SCALE, preparing our clients and educators to implement adaptive learning and practices into their classrooms. We believe that to impact change and improve the way we learn, we must work together. At TutorGen, we are committed to constantly assessing, testing, and refining SCALE, making sure the system delivers the results needed.



Our first step in working with clients is assessing the needs, opportunities and gaps within current educational software. Gaining this understanding is key to developing an effective personalized, adaptive learning system. 



TutorGen leads a review of existing client content and gathers data and insights. Our process uses existing data to reduce cost by not having clients recreate what they already have built.


TutorGen analyzes current data to identify opportunities and gaps within existing content to create a program tailored to the needs of our clients, and their learners.


Using a data-driven process, TutorGen creates problems and student models drawing from subject matter experts to develop a plan to personalize the existing content.


Before a full launch, pilot tests enable us to gather key data and preliminary results. These insights allow us to refine and improve the system and demonstrate the positive results of using SCALE.


Run pilot with 1-2 courses linked to SCALE, confirming connections and providing insights unique to the client’s work to be considered for the full SCALE implementation. Pilots allow us to demonstrate the effectiveness of connecting to SCALE and establish technology connectivity, building a solid foundation for a more comprehensive integration.


Share data visualizations that allow clear analysis of results that are meaningful for the client, their educators and learners.





Refine models based on live adaptive data collection and identify areas for potential improvement as feedback to developers, administrators, and educators.

–Run + Continuously Improve–

Successfully launching and implementing an adaptive learning system calls for constant evaluation and refinement. We partner with our clients after launching SCALE, offering important insights and advice to ensure learners, educators, and administrators are taking full advantage of powerful, personalized learning.


TutorGen will work with clients to create a phased rollout that meets their strategic objectives that are unique to client’s learning environment. We follow a step-wise rollout strategy that provides value at each increment while allowing the client to maintain reliable, on-going operations.


Collaboratively assess and evaluate results, with support from TutorGen/SCALE consultants.


Utilize results and data from SCALE to guide refinements to improve learning, assist with instruction, and enhance the overall student experience. TutorGen partners with clients to explore and collaborate on how to maximize results with the SCALE-enabled learning system.

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